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Average position 1.7
Number of first positions495
Payment£ 1,-
Payment viaBank Transfer, PayPal or donation
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Costs£ 5,- per year
Balance validUnlimited
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- :
Do not use this website, they have not paid out in years.

- :
Be warned- do not used this webstie. Does not deserve a single star as this website is atrocious! Used this website in April 2014 expecting cashback for taking out a mobile phone contract. Not only did this track with the incorrect amount but no one has answered any single one of my queries or emails (and even a recorded signed for letter). I requested the cashback (which was the wrong amount) to be paid into my bank account in April 2015 and am still (November 2015) waiting for this (showing pending)! Never ever using this scam of a website again.

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